Working on adding PCBGrip to our product range. We have items on stock.

We will close our office during the holiday. From December 24 to January 2nd we will not ship orders.

New product online: a perforated sheet to easily fasten all your prototype items.Click here.

Happy to present the OpenBeam-in-a-box. Both black and clear precut kits are now available in a storage box. Visit our 'OpenBeam kit page'. Click here.

End of line products just became cheaper. Profit now and visit our page: End of line - DISCOUNT

The MakerBeam DE LUXE kits will be discontinued. Instead we offer you the kits in a box. These boxes are good quality storage boxes that will be an asset to any Maker project.
And last but not least, are far easier to pack and ship.(20141124)


Friday December 19,  2014


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We are very happy to have added PCBGrip to our product range. With PCBGrip we offer you a complete electronics assembly system. It holds PCBs and everything else. You have full access to the work.  PCBGRIP firmly holds the PCB between the aluminum extrusion. Width between the aluminum extrusion is easily adjusted to hold PCBs up to 306 mm (12") wide and the flat spring makes it easy to insert and remove the PCB. The Flat Springs can be used to hold a PCB above the aluminum extrusion too.
Here are some pictures.