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100113 MakerBeam 600mm, 1 piece, black anodised (threaded) Product no.: 02mbtb0600p01 is now available again. (20150608)

100898 OpenBeam Bracket NEMA17 Stepper motor Product no.: OB-STPRBKT2 is out of stock. No date is set yet when we have this item available again. (20150404)

Team MakerBeam.eu

Friday June 12,  2015


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We are very happy to have added PCBGrip to our product range. With PCBGrip we offer you a complete electronics assembly system. It holds PCBs and everything else. You have full access to the work.  PCBGRIP firmly holds the PCB between the aluminum extrusion. Width between the aluminum extrusion is easily adjusted to hold PCBs up to 306 mm (12") wide and the flat spring makes it easy to insert and remove the PCB. The Flat Springs can be used to hold a PCB above the aluminum extrusion too.