Our office will be closed from Friday May 2nd to Monday May 5th.
Here in The Netherlands a festive and commemorative week lies ahead of us. On Saturday there is King's day. Here is a link to Wikipedia. Celebrations often start the evening before. Wearing something orange (Dutch national colour) is a must!
On May 4 there is Remembrance Day (Wikipedia link) followed by the celebration of Liberation day on May 5th (Wikipedia link). This week is also referred to as May holiday. It is a compulsory school holiday period.

Corner cubes ((03b00p12cc) are sold out. We expect a new batch in early May. (20140414)

Added a new picture to the blog post about Robocup Rescue German Open and the Warwick Mobile Robotics entry. Here is a link (20140407)

New blog post about a little robot called: The Boss. Here is a link. It is a robot with MakerBeam, arduino and 3d printed parts combined. (20140326)

Team MakerBeam.eu

Wednesday, April 23, 2014






We are looking for a new team member!

MakerBeam is steadily growing and we are looking for someone to join our team. A jack of all trades who likes to shape the future of MakerBeam.

- fluent in Dutch and English
- living in or near Utrecht, The Netherlands
- technical skills


Price includes VAT, without delivery

Customers from non EU-countries are not subject to VAT.
MakerBeam by MakerBeam is also available on Amazon.com.